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YOAKE Music From and Near the Film


limited edition of 500 from Sweet Dreams Press in Tokyo.
handsome design of the liner note conversation between TJO and the Film's director Hirose Nanako.

Compositions for the movie, things that didn't make it in to the movie and sounds that are family to the movie music.

Here is what Norio of Sweet Dreams Press writes about it.
Yoake- Music from and Near the Film by Tara Jane O'Neil.
Original score the debut feature by director Nanako Hirose.
Renowned singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, and experimental sound artist/improviser in recent years, Tara Jane O’Neil weaves the tapestry of this instrumental score, which also includes a symphonic track made with her long time friend Jean Cook's (Ida, Jon Langford) string arrangements. Not only as a film soundtrack, this ambient album echoes with all of the afterglow even without her voice. This limited domestic (Japanese) release original album reverberates with her spirit. For each listener’s sleepless dawn soundtrack, this gem of an album reckons for repeated listening.

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